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Greeting from Florida! We are currently enjoying a little R&R (as much as one can get hobbling around on a cane chasing a 10 month old!) down south and it's hotter than you know what but at least we are close to the beach.

Anyhoo, I was flipping through the interweb over my coffee this morning when I stumbled across this a-mazing NYC apartment designed by Kelly Wearstler for Cameron Diaz. I love the mix of finishes, patterns and colours. I love to study a Kelly Wearstler designed room because each time I do, I find something new and interesting. Her use of vintage and unique items is so fantastic. I always love the mix.

This living room is making me think I need to add more pink to my space. Maybe the front foyer?

Cool fireplace.

Her use of vintage lighting makes me want to go antiquing. Have I mentioned how fantastic the antiquing/thrifting is in South Florida? ;)

More grass cloth and black lacquer. I want it all.

That ceiling is to die for.

Love the Ann Sacks tile used in this bathroom. Looks like mini antiqued mirrors.



I know, right? Incredible!

Ta ta for now!



All photos via Elle Decor


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Mixed Mediums

It’s usually the hottest, muggiest day of the year when I start dreaming about fall fashion.  This year I am obsessed with leather.

Leather can be tricky…. Left in the wrong hands, it can very quickly take a 1980s turn and not in a good way.  One way to avoid the head to toe ‘I just crawled out of my DeLorean‘ look is to mix leather with other fabrics.

Danier Leather is knocking out of the park when it comes to this look.  I was in their Yorkdale store yesterday and was loving the selection of tops, jackets and dresses that mix up leather with wool and jersey.


1,2,3 (Danier) 4, 5 (Net-a-Porter)

1,3 (Danier) 2 (JCrew)

So, what’s on your wish list for Fall 2013? Or are you in denial that we are less than a month away from September?



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Home is Where the Art Is…

I truly believe that a house is not a home without art.  Your interpretation of art may be very different than mine (and likely is)  but that’s what makes it so great.  Art should speak to you, should tell a story and should not be bought because it matches your sofa.

One of the trends that has been popular for a while now is a gallery wall.  I tend to think there are three main types of gallery walls and I’ve categorized them into The ‘Type A’, The Maximalist and The Middle Child.

The ‘Type A’ is a series of art, generally of the same medium or style, hung in repetition or a grid formation and usually in the same type of frame.  The spacing between the pieces is consistent and this works well with a collection of black and white photography, family photos or a series of prints like botanicals.

The Maximalist is a no holds barred, let’s throw it all up on the wall type of display.  It can work with the same medium of art (i.e. photography) but is so much more interesting when you mix mediums (painting, photography, drawing, found objects, etc), frame styles and types. There is usually no rhyme or reason and should look like it was collected over time.  Spacing is usually not consistent and pieces can be hung floor to ceiling or look great around corners or on every wall of the room.  If you can’t live with clutter or have a very clean modern space, then this may not be the look for you.



The Middle Child is a mix of The ‘Type A’ and The Maximalist.  Personally, this is my style.  It mixes different mediums but generally keeps frame styles to a minimum (two or three) and has consistent spacing although not as rigid as The ‘Type A’ style.  There tends to be more repetition and smaller groupings within the larger grouping.  I usually start with one large piece hung slightly off centre and then create smaller groupings (pairs and threes) around the larger piece.  I try to keep spacing the same and maintain one consistent line either vertically or horizontally.

Let’s face it, shopping for artwork can be intimidating.  I think we’ve all had the experience of walking into a gallery or shop only to get the snooty once over look.  One place for easy to shop for art online is Saatchi Online.

Saatchi Online carries a huge selection of art, everything from paintings to photography to sculpture. I like that you can shop new and upcoming artists as well as those who are more established. You also have the option to choose from original art or a more budget friendly print.  They’ll even frame it for you.  A few faves are below…

L’innconnue du Palais Royale – Laurence Garcon


Night Swim I – Regina Alexandra


Moving Shoulders – Antoine Renault


101 Colours Square – Amanda J Aspinall

Persuasion #2 – Anne Harper


And my personal, got to go buy this, favourite is this pen and ink drawing by Ken Resen.

Intersection – Ken Resen

You can read more about artwork and how to decorate your home with it in some of my previous posts (here, here and here).





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Dirty Little Secrets

Come on, you know you have them….that one little space in your house (or maybe it’s your whole house – no judgement) that is a complete disaster.  The area that you always make sure is off limits to guests and even to family because hey, you don’t want them to think you’re a slovenly mess right? My dirty little secret is my laundry room/pantry.  Located off the kitchen (thankfully with a door!) it is the overflow room.  The place where extra items from the kitchen land, where most of the small appliances live and where the laundry is piled stored until it finds it’s way into the washer.

I took this photo this morning.  Some of you may be thinking, gee Amy, it’s not THAT bad.  And those of you that are, thank you for your kindness.  What you really should know is that this is the tidier version.  You know the old ‘…I have to tidy up before my cleaning lady gets here…..’ Yeah it gets worse.

So I’ve been thinking (which incidentally strikes fear into the heart of my husband- with good reason) that I need to make some changes.  It’s a fairly good sized space and houses not only the washer and dryer (stacking of course) but a small freezer as well.  Here is the floorplan to help give you an idea of the space.

And here is what I am hoping to do with the space….Please excuse the crude rendering, all the space planning tools for this shelving are not very good. The existing shelves will be replaced with a wall hung rail system. I am purchasing mine at Solutionsbut various other brands can be found across the country.  In the US, The Container Store carries the ELFA brand which is also similar.  The system hangs on a wall mounted rail with uprights that support the shelves.  I love that its easy to install, easy to change and easy to take with you if you move.

This elevation shows the wall to your left when you walk in the door.  The freezer will remain in its current spot with hanging above for air drying those items that can’t go into the dryer while maintaining access to the electrical panel. Above it, the shelves will house cleaning problems, tucked up high away from busy little fingers.  The shelving to the right will hold pantry items in matching glass jars to make it easier to see what is remaining and what needs to be added to the grocery list.  The shelves will also hold small kitchen appliances like the food processor and mixer which are not used daily and need to be tucked away.  Underneath are some rolling storage drawers (purchased at Target) which will hold baking tools, extra tea towels and other kitchen bits and pieces. The castors make it easy to roll them out when it’s time to clean.

The second elevation shows the wall facing you when you walk in the door.  It has space for a laundry sorter as well as a spot for the laundry supplies and additional cleaning supplies.  I have a few shelves that are not yet designated for anything but may hold serving pieces that mostly get used around holiday time and parties.  These may not live here permanently but there will be a spot for them when they are needed.

The shelving uprights and shelves will be white so I am thinking a light blushy pink on the walls will make everything look nice and fresh.  Since the tiles are staying as well (for now), I will also be looking for a lightweight area rug.  The light fixture (such as it is) will be replaced.  Haven’t quite decided with what yet although am thinking a ceiling mount fixture of some sort that is easy to clean and looks great.

So, that’s currently the plan although they change with alarming frequency around here.  I’m off tomorrow to order up the shelving and find a light fixture.  Wish me luck!

PS Would love to hear about your dirty little secret. I’m starting a new design dilemma feature on the blog so if you have a space that needs help, shoot me an email at





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Musings on a Monday…

Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a spectacular weekend.  Mine was spent planning for a whole condo reorganization and well to be honest, napping. Hope yours was just as eventful.

Generally I am fairly well organized but the Virgo in me likes perfection.  Plus I feel as though I just have too much stuff that I don’t love.  When my home feels cluttered, then so does my mind.   I think William Morris said it best…

via Lisa Congdon

The first space up for an overhaul is my laundry room/pantry which is located off my kitchen.  Truthfully it ends up being a dumping ground for laundry, cleaning products and packaged food storage.  I’ll be sharing some before shots on the blog tomorrow (eek!) as well as my plan for the reorganized space.  Hoping to convince my husband to do it execute on it this weekend.  This is the inspiration photo….


I’ve used this shelving before in my own closet as well in my front door closet.  Affordable and changeable. Plus it’s easy to take with you if you move.  I will also be incorporating some laundry storage but I just love how fresh this space feels.  That’s the look I am going for….

Other random thoughts in my head this morning include making some strawberry freezer jam.  I’ve found a local farm which sells organic strawberries (among other things) so would love to make some jam. It just tastes like summer in a bottle.  Last year I used this recipe which was super easy, quick and contained a lot less sugar than most.  Totally delish.

Other food porn worthy recipes include this one for bacon-maple sticky buns.  Um yeah! There’s something so right about a salty and sweet combination. If the description doesn’t do it for you, this picture might…

You’re welcome….

Blogging like grocery shopping – best if you don’t do it hungry.  So with that, I’m going to go make a huge Americano and have some breakfast.  Toodles!






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Christmas in July – Homesense Preview

Yesterday I had the pleasure of visiting the Homesense showroom for a their Fall/Holiday preview.  So much gorgeous goodness in one room, let the store stalking begin for these goodies! This post is pretty heavy on the pics but stick with me, you’ll be glad you did.

One of the major trends for fallwinter is gold.  Think less shiny 80s brass (although I love that look too!) and more antiqued patina gold.  It is perfectly fine to mix metals and the gold works in both traditional and modern spaces. The deep green colour on the wall is the perfect backdrop for the gold mirrors and the citrine sofa.  Using a trio of small tables gives the look and function of a large coffee table but is easier to rearrange for those impromptu dance parties!

So stealing borrowing this wall of mirrors idea.  Love the look and it will bounce the light around your space like nobody’s business.


More mirrors and a fantastic chain link lamp.  I’ve seen other versions of this for mucho $$$.  Nice to have a more wallet friendly option.  Definitely adding a pair of these to my shopping list.

Morrocan inspired gold mirror.  Need I say more?

Hexagons and other geometric shapes are HUGE.  Love this decorative piece.  Could be used as a candleholder but I think a grouping of these are great on their own.

While I loved everything (and I mean everything) I saw, this room was by far my favourite.  I think I’ve written of my love for black and white a few times (here, here and here).  Throw in a soucon of Pantone’s colour of the year – Emerald and you have a very bold statement.  The mix of patterns is varied and by keeping most of the large pieces in the room in solid colours it makes it interesting without being too crazy.

Am in love with this light fixture.  Thinking it would look great in my hallway.

Another view, this one shows off the great modern wingback chairs.

Gold art on a black and white striped wall.  You had me at hello.


Another huge trend is Nordic.  More wintery/Christmasy than the others but definitely fun.

Plus, who doesn’t love a (faux) fur throw? So cozy on a cold winter’s night.  So hard to remember winter when you’re sweating in July but come February you’ll be glad you picked one of these babies up.  I think I currently have three in my condo alone.


Another big trend for Homesense Fall/Holiday is luxury gifting.  They had some beautiful luxury gourmet items like yummy chocolate and gourmet salts but also had cashmere throws and cowhide toiletry bags.  So delish….

Backgammom? Don’t mind if I do.  Especially in a red croco case.

This signed Vivienne Westwood book was literally the size of a coffee table.  Great statement piece.


Speaking of statements, this fold out bar has Mad Men written all over it.  Designed by Ralph lauren and covered in black embossed crocodile with mirrored interior doors this piece is incredible.  If you see it in store, throw yourself on it and call me stat.  For reals….


Homesense always has a great selection of tableware and I was very excited to see some gold flatware in there.  You so know the price point is going to knock your socks off.  Added to the stalking list for sure….

Saw a pair of these settees in store yesterday.  The Warden and Eglinton location if anyone is interested.  But run, don’t walk, things sell at super speed at Homesense.

I am in love with the pattern on the back of this little number.  Black and white again…. I wonder if there is a 12 step program?

Loved this office/crafting room set up but my inspiration board is never that neat.

Pretty containers for desk items make working so much more enjoyable.

So that’s a wrap, sorry couldn’t resist!

So, what will be on your stalking shopping list for Homesense? Would love to see some of your favourite finds.

All photos via Eye See Pretty

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Living in the Movies

Wow…. Hope all my Toronto friends managed to make it home safely last night.  Weather was insane here.  Major flooding all over the city and a month’s worth of rainfall in just a few hours. Climate change much?

Anyhoo, since today’s weather is a bit uncertain at the moment, I think it’s going to be a stay home and curl up with a movie (or movies) kind of day.  You know, the kind you’ve seen a zillion times before and can pay half attention to while you’re folding the laundry or making a coffee.  Those kind of movies.  Some of my favourites are ones that have great decor, naturally.  I love it when I have to pause and rewind so I can properly see a chair or a piece of art, love those.

So what’s possibly on the playlist for today?

The Royal Tenenbaums

Totally quirky little movie with a strange family dynamic but holy Hannah, amazing decor. And can we just stop for a moment to admire the use of bold wallpaper? This movie was filmed 12 years ago in 2001 and still looks like it could be in a current design mag.




Sex and the City 2

To be honest, this movie is not great and was so disappointing on so many levels.  But, I watch it again and again for Carrie and Big’s apartment.  So many layers, so many interesting things to see. I get inspired to try something new every time I watch it.




It’s Complicated

First of all, love Meryl Streep.  Throw her into a Nancy Meyer’s movie and it’s pretty much a grand slam.  The interiors in this movie are so homey and warm and my personal fave is the kitchen. Off to the left you can barely see the french doors that lead into the pantry/laundry room. Love it.


So, what’s your favourite movie for decor? I’m in need of some new decor eye candy.  At least until The Great Gatsby is released on August 27th.   Can you stand it?  Love…..

Stay dry!

PS If you want more movie decor inspiration, check out the post I did on the movie Pillow Talk.

Photos 1, 2, 3, 4-6, 7, 8


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Pretty Space of the Day

Who says red, white and blue can’t be sophisticated? Loving this gorgeous space from Le Cafe Francais in Paris.


Happy July 4th to my friends and readers in the US!


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We will now return to regularly scheduled programming….


I’ve missed you! For what I’ve been up to (or not been up to) you can catch up with this post. Thanks so much for all the well wishes, it really did mean the world to me.  The last few months have probably been some of my most challenging and difficult for our family, but thankfully we are all on the mend.  I was finally able to return home from Nova Scotia at the end of May and am adjusting to life with a baby and a not quite as yet fully functioning leg.  It is amazing what you can survive and do when you have to.

Hoping to return to regular programming round here, I didn’t realize how much I missed the blog until I didn’t have it.  Truthfully after the accident, many of the things that I used to enjoy were not possible as I literally had the attention span of a gnat.  But I’ve got some great new ideas and some great spaces to share with you over the next little while.  I’ll also be accepting some reader design dilemmas for posting on the blog so if you have a space that you have no idea about, then drop me a line to

If you don’t want to miss a thing, subscribe to the blog or follow me around on Pinterest, Twitter or Instagram.  There will likely be lots of this little face but I mean come on, he’s adorable!



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That's how I'm feeling today. I used to roll my eyes a bit at some of the gratitude posts I would read. Perhaps it was cynicism or perhaps I just had led a charmed life till this point. Great husband, beautiful baby, good job. All had some challenges but came relatively easy to me.

Last Friday everything sort of changed for me. Hudson, Mom and I were involved in a very serious car accident that we were lucky to have survived. Hudson had no injuries, car seats are amazing things, Mom has a broken collarbone and a dislocated hand and I have a broken femur and a fractured rib. We both have a multitude of bruises which are secondary to our other injuries but remind us they're there with a stretch or a wrong move.

I'm still in hospital at this point and have a fairly lengthy recovery ahead of me but will be up running around in heels very soon! Thanks to all of our friends and family for their love and support. You mean the world to us. I would also like to thank the staff at St. Martha's and Aberdeen hospitals for the great care they have provided to us.

This is the look I'm currently sporting and will be for the next 8-12 weeks. I'm thinking it may need some leopard, no?






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