The 3 Most Important Lessons From Design School

Interior designing comes in naturally to many people. Still, there are certain things about interior designing that must be learned. Education is the only way to learn more about interior designing. You will learn many things about interior designing in design schools. Here are the 3 most important things that you will be taught.

#1 Personalize your space

Your home should reflect your personality. When someone enters your room, they should feel that it’s your room. One way is to put things that you like in your design. Don’t just by what’s latest in the market. Buy something that complements your style. Set the color and furniture of your room according to your own taste.

#2 Work with your surroundings

You should understand the limitations of your design. Before coming up with design ideas, familiarize yourself with the size of your room. You should also consider the surrounding environment in your design. Your design should match the surroundings so that they don’t look awkward.

#3 Focus on comfort

Don’t buy something that looks fancy but is uncomfortable to use. If you buy a furniture, for example, which is pretty but very uncomfortable, then it’s not part of a good interior design. You should make your home as comfortable and cozy as possible.

In your design school, you will be learning lots of detailed stuff about interior designing. But these are the basic principles that you should always keep in mind. If your design lacks these three things, no matter how beautiful design is, you won’t be considered to be a good interior designer.

5 Affordable Home Interior Design Tips

It can be difficult to have a beautiful looking room if you are on tight budget. However, there are ways in which you can make your home elegant even on low budget. Here are some ideas.


Certain colors can add glamour to your room instantly. You should choose either soft or bold hues. The color you choose should depend on your personality. You can paint your interior doors black. This gives an expensive feeling. But you need to make sure that there are some black accessories on the space in order to complement the design.


Pillows look elegant around the house. Other than looking good, pillows also make it more comfortable for your guests to sit. You should choose larger and overstuffed pillows to create a plush appearance.

Window curtains

Use elegant materials like linen, cotton or silk. You can also put wood blinds or woven bamboo shades if you are not a fan of draperies. Don’t use unlined flimsy materials; they look very cheap.


Instead of using standard lighting fixtures, use designer ones. For example, you can put a nice shade around your lighting. You can add floor lamps and table lamps throughout the house.


Carpeting your home can feel warm and soft, but hardwood floors are better. They give a classic and elegant appearance. Hardwood lasts a long time. You can get less expensive wood like birch or oak. Instead of using hardwood, you can also laminate your floor. For hardwood, choose a dark color to give a luxurious appearance.

All these ideas will transform your room to a more elegant one. These won’t be very expensive to implement. Shop around to get better deals on each item.

How to do a Living Room Makeover in Less Than 1 Hour

It’s true that interior designing can take hours of work. But who says you can’t do it in one hour? Here are some excellent tips to have a living room makeover in one hour!

Paint & Wallpaper

Painting makes a big difference to your room. You can either choose a soft tone or a bold tone depending on your personality. You can also paint one wall of your living room with a bright color. This will give a dramatic look. Painting one wall in an hour is also more feasible than painting the entire room. Instead of using paint, you can put on wallpaper instead of paint. You can find beautiful wallpapers on the market.


You can put on nice curtains on your windows. The curtain color should complement your room. Instead of the curtain, you can also use blinds.


You can have carpet or rugs in your living room. This will make the room look more decorative and comfortable.


Your living room should be functional. You must have the necessary furniture needed. Dining table, coffee table, sofa, stools, etc. must be there. You can have some beautiful cushions on your sofa. The stools can be colorful. You can also have pendant light and floor lamp.


You can hang decorative items on walls. You should have crockeries in the dresser. You can put sweet jars and flowers on the table for a fresh look.

You will find many lifestyle stores near your place. Not all stores are expensive. You can buy the items discussed here from the same store and at an affordable price.