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Keeping it Real (Should I Stay or Should I Go?)

Hello and Happy New Year! Been a bit absent round these parts lately but that’s all about to change.  2013 was a bit of a crap year for me to be honest (more on that here) and I was frankly, … Continue reading

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My Favourite Party Sources

Morning! This post was supposed to go up last week but I have a one year old who has decided that napping is sooooo last year.   Makes for a fun but very long day. Let’s face it, entertaining is … Continue reading

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Musings on a Monday

Morning all.  Been a little busy round these parts lately which doesn’t leave much time for blogging.   Lots of things cycling through my head these days which means you will likely see some changes round here over the next little … Continue reading

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BlogPodium Lessons and Weekend Recap

Morning! It was such a busy weekend that I’m glad it’s Monday…well almost. The weekend was jam packed with all kinds of deliciousness starting on Saturday with BlogPodium. I talked a bit on Friday about BlogPodium and what I was … Continue reading

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BlogPodium: Wear oh Wear!

TGIF. Even though I am currently not at work, I still love Fridays because that means the weekend is just around the corner.  And I’m especially excited for this weekend as BlogPodium is here!  THE blog conference for Canadian design … Continue reading

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Falling for Fall at West Elm

The weather may still be up and down but I am soooo ready for Fall. The stores have been filling up with fall merchandise since July and while its hard to look at dark colours and warm textures in the … Continue reading

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Sharing Some Etsy Love

Do you Etsy? If you’re not familiar, Etsy is a global online marketplace for handmade goods, vintage items and craft supplies.  It has the most amazing things, plus it’s an affordable way for artists to sell and promote their creations … Continue reading

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Currently loving….

Greeting from Florida! We are currently enjoying a little R&R (as much as one can get hobbling around on a cane chasing a 10 month old!) down south and it's hotter than you know what but at least we are … Continue reading

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Home is Where the Art Is…

I truly believe that a house is not a home without art.  Your interpretation of art may be very different than mine (and likely is)  but that’s what makes it so great.  Art should speak to you, should tell a … Continue reading

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Dirty Little Secrets

Come on, you know you have them….that one little space in your house (or maybe it’s your whole house – no judgement) that is a complete disaster.  The area that you always make sure is off limits to guests and … Continue reading

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