Birthday Boy!

October 16th. One year ago today I was waiting, trying not to be nervous, but at the same time oh so excited that I was going to meet our newest little family member.  It’s hard to believe that the past year has flown by (with lots of ups and downs) but the shining bright spot in the middle has always been this little munchkin who makes me laugh every single day.  Happy Birthday Hudson!

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6 Responses to Birthday Boy!

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  2. Just look at that little angel! I can’t believe it has been a whole year – happy birthday Hudson!!

  3. Pam says:

    Happy First Birthday, Hudson!! And all the best to you too, Amy :)

  4. Happy Birthday sweet Hudson!!!! xoxo

  5. Sarah Gunn says:

    I can’t believe Hudson is one already! Happy birthday to him! xoxo

  6. He’s so cute! Those little Converse shoes he’s wearing are awesome!

    Happy Birthday Hudson!

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