IDS13 – “THE Party”

Tonight I’m attending an event I look forward to all year. It’s the opening party (aka ‘The Party’) for the Interior Design Show, otherwise known as IDS13.


Showing the best of the best in design products and innovation, the show has great installations and guest speakers for both design professionals and consumers. Not to mention one hell of a kick ass party. Opening night is like a who’s who of the HGTV crowd and is a great opportunity to catch up with some friends while talking about all things design. These are my peeps. For realz….

If you’re local and would like to attend, you can purchase tickets here or at the door.  It is always an amazing show.  A snippet of what you can expect is below.  Cool right?

Now my only dilemma is what to wear and footwear plays a major part.  I think I literally limped home last year after having a Seinfeld moment (or sixty) in the parking garage.   You know what? Totally worth it!



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