Wednesday Wanderings

Hello friends! Tired of winter yet? It’s only been a few weeks of this cold and I am so over it.  The only thing that’s getting me through right now is the thoughts of a possible jaunt to the sunshine state at the end of March.  In the meantime, I’m headed off to Nova Scotia next week which is not any warmer but they do say a change is as good as a rest sooooo…..

Anyhoo, been finding a lot of cool things on the interweb lately and since I’m on a bit of a self-imposed spending freeze, I thought someone should at least take advantage of my internet browsing!

I am loving pretty much everything on the Photojojo site. Mostly for the photography/iPhone geek (um hello?), here are a few of the things that will be on my wish list.

This Photoshop keyboard shortcut cover is genius.  Now I don’t have to hover my mouse over those teeny tiny icons to try and remember which one is which.


This cool little band is actually a macro lens which takes incredible detailed shots.

Wear it on your wrist till you’re ready for it and then you are able to take incredible shots like this.


Maybe I’m late to the party on this one but I have just discovered the Camera + app for iPhone.  OMG is all I have to say.  I find myself using my iPhone camera over and over, especially when taking pictures of Hudson but I am usually less than thrilled with the quality.  This app allows you to take professional looking photos without dragging around a huge DSLR.

One of my favourite features is the Clarity feature.  Check out the difference below.

There is also different filters for different times of day, a digital flash which will lighten overly dark photos and a cropping tool.  All photos can then be saved to your camera roll and then uploaded or shared with your favourite social media site.  Thinking this is going to be my new favourite app!


Duo boots are awesome.  They are custom boots (size, width, calf) without the custom boot price.  They have stores in the UK but have free shipping to North America (including Canada!) and they are having the mother of all sales right now.  If I were in the market for new boots, which I’m not then I would be ordering up these beauties



And last but certainly not least, my long-time friend Sandra has started a blog called 52 Weeks of Meal Planning.  I’m not entirely sure how she finds time to raise her adorable daughter, work full-time, cook meals for the week AND find the time to blog about it! If you’re looking for some great meal ideas and recipes then please pop over and say hi!








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  1. Julie says:

    ooooh, I’m going to have to check out that camera + app! thanks for sharing!

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