Moodboard Monday – Mastering the Master

Happy Monday! Another weekend whizzed by again in a flurry of activities, hope you all had a great  one! I haven’t gone all Fifty Shades in today’s post but I am tackling something that has been in desperate need of an overhaul – the master bedroom.  Sort of like the cobbler’s children going barefoot, this room has been in a constant state of flux for a few months now.  Overrun with baby paraphernalia (seriously how can so little a person have so much stuff?) and various odds and ends it is well past its prime for  a little facelift.

But with a new baby and being on maternity leave, the budget is going to have to be small ($500) and I’m going to have to get creative in repurposing some existing pieces.  Here’s what I’m thinking so far….

The rug was a steal at an online Black friday sale and the curtains are not the silk I would have liked but are a poly version (that look great) in a lovely dusty lilac-y shade.  The existing wall colour will stay (Benjamin Moore’s Horizon) as will the existing bed and armoire, both with a slight upgrade.

Pillows will be in a luxe velvet that I will sew myself from a $4 remnant with the splurge being a pillow in the Kelly Wearstler Katana fabric.  The brass lamps were picked up on a thrifting expedition and the faux fur throw currently resides elsewhere in my home.

With the new pieces (rug, curtains, pillows) I have pretty much exhausted my $500 budget, which means, I’m going to have to get pretty darn creative with the rest of it.  The pair of stools were purchased several months ago for the nursery but I think they’ll do much better at the foot of my bed.  Still trying to figure out artwork and accessories but I have a few things tucked away in storage that might do the trick!  I will give the budget breakdown and sources when I do the final reveal but for now I’m interested in your thoughts.  Love it, hate it or on the fence?  Let me know!



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