Holiday Hangover and the Remedy For It…

Wow! Cannot believe it is already 2013! 2012 went by with a snap of my fingers.  I was going to write a year in review post talking about my accomplishments for 2012 but the only one that really matters is this little guy, my most perfect and anticipated Christmas gift!

Not gonna lie, things have been slightly insane around here lately with a stream of visiting family and friends and the general holiday craziness. I feel like I’m suffering from a bit of a holiday hangover and if I have to hear one more Christmas carol I may just lose it. Now I am no Scrooge, but it does take me a good 10 months or so to be able to gear up for the holidays again.  Thankfully Christmas is only once a year!

So with that in mind, if I had to name one New Year’s resolution it would be to simplify.  Simplify my stuff and my life.  Check back next Friday as I’ll be starting a new column on organizing and streamlining things.  Some will be baby related, some decor related but all with the idea of making things easier.  I think we all need a little bit of that!

I’ve been trying to show you the plan for my master bedroom revamp for a while now but all will be revealed on Monday and how I plan to do it all for under $500.  I think our wallets could all use a rest right about now, don’t you?



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