A Baby, A Bedroom and Black Friday

Hello can you believe it’s Thursday already?  Not quite sure where the weeks have gone.  I have been enjoying the lovely warm weather this week but think I’m in for a world of hurt when the winter finally arrives.  Brrrr……

Been pretty busy the last few weeks tending to this guy who just turned 1 month old last Friday. Seriously he’s going to be off to Med school before I know it! A mama can dream right?

So since I’ve got some major university costs ahead of me for Hudson, I’d best keep an eye on the budget! I’m currently working on a little remix of my master bedroom and I’m hoping to keep the update under $500.  I will be reusing some existing pieces, repurposing some things and doing some (very) creative shopping.  I’ve already purchased this beauty which will be in the space.

This is a gorgeous silk rug that I just ordered from Rugs USA.  They are having an amaze balls Black Friday sale right now, I picked up this 6×9 baby for $250.00 which was 75% off!  The best part? They ship to Canada and you don’t have to sell a major organ to afford the shipping!

Check in next week for a sneak peek of the bedroom design board and some ideas for repurposing your existing pieces and how I plan to spend my remaining budget.  Off now to enjoy the nice weather and Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends and readers!





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