A Slippery Design Slope and Reinventing the Den

Hello my friends and Happy Monday (if there is such a thing?)!  I’m actually in two places today, here on Eye See Pretty and also guest posting on decor happy.  I’m helping my friend Vanessa with some ideas for her hubby’s den.  Be sure to check it out!


In other news, it’s been a busy few weeks for me as I am in the process of putting my condo back together after some new engineered hardwood floors and baseboards were installed.  For those of you living in a major reno, my hat is off to you!  I moved out for two days while floors and baseboards went in, only to return home to a major layer of dust coating frickin’ EVERYTHING.  Well, as they say, no pain no gain, but I am glad it is finished!

But, the problem is when you start with one little change, it often starts a slippery slope and by the end of it, you’ve redecorated your whole space!  To get a feel for the space, I’ve included a floorplan with previous furniture layouts to help you visualize.   My office will now be moving into the sunroom to make way for the nursery which was on hold till the floors went in.  Because we had the sunroom empty, we were able to repaint and install new curtains and curtain track to block the sun (and heat) from the floor to ceiling windows. 

Next on the agenda is to physically move my desk into the old sunroom and to get some practical storage in there to house all of the office equipment which will just fit on one of the two small solid walls.  I’m thinking a Pax wardrobe from Ikea will do nicely, plus I have some ideas for sexying it up (is that even a word?) to make it less office-y and more lounge appropriate.   Once all that is complete, then we will focus on the nursery.  All the elements are almost finished (still looking for emerald curtains though – any sources?) and just need to be installed.  We may blitz it over the long weekend just in case this little bundle decides to make an early arrival. 

The problem is though, with the space empty for a week I had all sorts of design visions running through my head – see what I mean, slippery slope!  Here’s hoping that my ever indulgent hubby chalks it up to nesting instincts and general pregnancy crazy!  Be sure to check back as I reveal my plans for the space(s). 

Floorplan via http://floorplanner.com/ 



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  1. so much fun! now I can’t wait to see more :)

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