Birds of a Feather?

I finally was able to catch up with the final episode of Sarah 101 last night…. Loved the nursery they designed for Janice’s new arrival and noticed some common elements in my own nursery design.   Now, I should say that both of these designs were done completely separate from one another so can’t help but think that perhaps Sarah and I are on the same page design-wise – at least for nurseries….

I have always said that the nursery I designed for our new little arrival was designed for me and not for the baby.  The baby really doesn’t care where they spend their time and truthfully if I have to look at  ‘characters’ all day and all night I may lose my shit.  Pardon my French…

Animal print wallpaper, check.  Sophisticated neutrals with emerald green accents, check.  Even their original crib choice (which was backordered) was the same Jenny Lind style as in my design above.  My design tends to be a bit more on the graphic side ie black and white vs calming neutrals but I think you can see the similarities, no? On the HGTV site, many of the commenters hated the green.  I guess there is no accounting for some people’s taste.  Personally I love that it’s unexpected, but you know me, I love to do things my way!

Tommy was calling this one ‘Safari Baby’.  I think he (we) may be on to something…. Happy Thursday!

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