All Aboard!

Perhaps it’s the fact that I’m not really able to travel much this summer due to my pending arrival or just the excitement of packing a bag to head off to an unknown destination but I really want to go somewhere.  Tops on my list right now is Montreal.  It’s far enough to be a trip but close enough that the travel won’t be too taxing.  It’s also part European feel plus part urban, hip metropolis.  Love it!  The extra bonus is that hubby and I got engaged there twelve years ago Labour Day weekend so it always has special memories for us.

Loving these shots from the February 2010 issue of Vogue. They have me thinking about packing my bags, buying a Toronto to Montreal ticket and boarding the train for an adventure.


I love these shots by Annie Leibovitz.  They’re so moody and dramatic and really show how sophisticated travel used to be.  I love the idea of packing a train case and hopping aboard while sipping a cocktail (non-alcoholic of course!)

Not so sure about the entourage carrying my luggage but a girl can dream right?

Photos via

May not be happening for me this summer but you should definitely take advantage! To help you along, I’ve included some of my weekend travel essentials.



Have fun!!

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