Looong Weekend

It was so nice to have an extra long weekend.  I took Friday off in order to do some last minute prep for the styleNorth Garage Sale on Saturday which was a huge success.  We literally had to shoo people away until the doors opened at 9:00 am with a line-up starting at 8:30 am!

Load in started bright and early at 7:00 am (with Starbucks in hand, natch).  I think between myself and my partner in crime, Tim (of Design Maze) we could have opened our own store.  Fortunately, we left with a lot less than we came with!  A small sampling of our wares are below.

A few more things…..

And a few more….

Chris, Tim and yours truly

While it the sale was fun, man am I ever glad it’s over! I spent the rest of the weekend at home relaxing and enjoying the beautiful weather.  Now back to reality, at least it’s a short week! Have a great one!


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4 Responses to Looong Weekend

  1. Hi There!
    We meet (sort of) at this event! I was with Janice (Life Begins @ 30) and I should have introduced myself, but I didn’t, cause I am a bit introverted that way

    Anyways, I am just catching up on Canadian Blogs and put two and two together and I wanted to say hello!

    • eyeseepretty says:

      Hi Shannon,
      Great to meet you, at least virtually! I would have introduced myself had I not been preoccupied with the sale! I’m not terribly shy…. Thanks for stopping by! lol


  2. Chris says:

    Amy, it was such a pleasure having you at the sale; you brought such beautiful things that really made it worthwhile for the buyers. Thank you!

  3. Thanks Amy for all the fun, laughters, and supports!! I couldn’t have done it without you . You were amazing and calm me down when I was so stressed out and about to kill my partner in life when he stood there waiting for direction.

    should we do this again next year? ha

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